Say It Simply

Juli 23, 2015

Life is simple. You born because your mom gave birth of you. You eat because hunger. You're  here because you come. You read this one because you find this link.

Life is simple. So make sure for it's really simple. If you hungry, just eat. If you thirsty, just drink. If you like, just take. If you dislike just ignore gently.

Life is simple. All particular of life  is so. Love, yeah one of life componen. So? Just make it sure for that simple. When love someone, say it. Before late forever. Because we never know how much chance we have. One we have chance, do it well.

When you love someone, say it. Seems like simple thing but many people make it difficult. They just think everything that other people think, even for whom they love thinks. It's really strange when we can do every particular of life simply but not for love. Look around! Many people doing that. Moreover, any people just try to move to other heart (hardly) cause of overthinking. Hey dude, don't push yourself. Just make it simple. Say it. No matter what he or she will respon.

OMG. It seems like big bullshit I write this one but can not doing in reality. Sorry for spamming. I just can't let others feel how hurt when you love someone fatously and never know what he feels.

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